Sponsors – The Black List

As you may expect, there are a few sites out there on the internet that I simply cannot work with. Thankfully, they are a very small minority.

These include sites promoting content that I personally am not comfortable working with. They predominantly involve very extreme content, or use younger performers and intentionally give the impression through site design and text of being “under age”.

Everyone has their limits, right?

But along with those I cannot work with due to the nature of their fetish, niche or models, there are also some that I find it impossible to work with due to the limits of their promotional content.

If a client requests a post of the latest content from a specific site every Mon, Wed and Fri, that’s great – when the content can be gathered from the affiliate area for that site. But there are some who do not provide the content easily and effectively, and therefore it can then take me an hour or more to try to track down the media from other sources.

As you can surely understand, I cannot justify charging less than $6 per post when I have to spend an hour or more gathering the media to use.

Therefore, starting at the beginning of April 2012, I will be creating a “Black List” of sponsors that I cannot create content posts for. These will be a mixture of extreme content that I do not feel comfortable working with, and sponsors who I feel cannot provide the content I will need to effectively create posts to promote them.

Thankfully, the list will be short. It will be published on a page on the Gay Content Writer site next month and sent out to all clients listed in the email newsletter.

Sponsors who find themselves on my little list can request removal of course. But this will only be done when I am assured that I have appropriate promotional materials to work with.

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