Sponsors – Please Read

Fed up with your affiliates using your provided text all over the web and diminishing your coverage?

It’s widely known that Google hates duplicate text, and having all those affiliates simply using what you give them instead of creating their own commentary from it is diminishing the reach of your site and limiting the potential of your sales team. Imagine the increase in traffic and sales you could see if more of those affiliates actually created unique content instead of simply pasting in your supplied words.

Gay Content Writer is happy to offer our services to your affiliates, at special rates where possible, to increase their traffic, their revenue and yours too. Simply add our details to your affiliate newsletters, or send me an email to discuss this in more depth.


2 thoughts on “Sponsors – Please Read

  1. We’ve been enjoying increased sales since we started using your services on our site and we recently added your details to our affiliate emails encouraging our affiliates to contact you for original content. It makes sense as you already know the videos we’re publishing.
    I hope some of our affiliates come to you. I do believe we would see a lot more sales and they would see a lot more profit in-turn if they did use original text instead of what we supply.
    Many thanks for your work with us so far.

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