Gay Adult Affiliates

Many of you probably know that one of the easiest and most effective ways to earn money on the Internet is to operate an adult blog. It quite literally takes minutes to set up and within a day you can have a fully functioning website, with content, gaining traffic and generating sales. Of course, the longer the site is functional and the more you add content to it the more traffic you’re likely to gain and the more sales you have as a result.

This requires an ongoing effort, preferably with daily updates of new content to keep people – and Search Engines like Google – coming back for more. But to do this effectively you need original and engaging content. Simply adding the text provided by another site will gain you nothing but duplicate content “penalties” with Google, lowering your impact and reducing your sales.

Gay Content Writer provides original text to affiliate bloggers on a daily basis. Several clients provide GCW with their affiliate links and the rest is done on their behalf, completing daily posting for them.

Others add the content themselves in the form of a draft post and the text is then re-written before publishing.

Some simply send the link to the set they intend to use and the text is created from that video/gallery and emailed back.

There are several ways Gay content Writer can assist, and each client can receive a bespoke service depending on their posting schedule, writing style, content, format and budget.

Many of our clients understand that operating several blogs simultaneously maximizes their traffic and their profit, but many do not have the time to update all of their sites every day. GCW is a great option for those who have numerous sites, or “dead” sites that have been abandoned while they focus on other business ventures.

Contact GCW to find out how we can update your blog for you and keep the traffic and sales coming in.


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      I have several clients for whom English is not their first language, and they trust me to create their posts for them.
      Please contact me if you need any help.

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