Client Testimonials

“Ha – tell him I was mightily impressed with his work on Ben! 😉 Not many blogs bother with such attention to detail! It’s awesome! :)”
Picture This Studios – On Twitter to a client in response to a GCW post featuring one of their models

“Had a great week for sales, whatever you are doing, keep it up!”
– Rob – Daily Guy Photos

“…you’ll be my only writer, That’s official. Really I like your style…”
– Simon – DudesCash

“Conran has been writing for MaleBlue’s blog for a couple of weeks now, and already I have noticed a difference in the traffic. Not only is the content excellent for search engines, but there are repeat visitors, who clearly enjoy reading the posts. If you are looking to improve your copy on your blog, then GayContentWriter definitely comes highly recommended. Very happy indeed.”
– Anthony (

“The site reviews I asked for were wonderful, making the most of a fetish in the horniest way and successfully driving traffic to my sponsors. I’ll definitely be coming back to Conran for the next round of extensive updates.”
– Luke Pathan (

“Fast, reliable, consistent and great value. Often going beyond his agreement to make sure I’m happy. And I always am. We have a new project coming on line in the new year and will definitely be asking Conran to be involved on a daily basis.”
– DJ (Purple Pig Media)

“I had an urgent job from a new client who also wanted someone to kick-start the blog for them. I’m fine with design, but ask me to write ten gay adult posts and I’m lost. Conran agreed to take this on with no notice and had the posts ready to go within hours. He completed the copy, and even created collage graphics of sponsor content to go with each. It saved me a lot of time to get on with the overall design and secured me a client for future work!”
– Robbie (BigBug Design)

“I desperately needed some ideas to improve our site and try to monetize without losing the loyalty of members. Conran’s advice and assistance on our blog has helped the site tremendously. After months of trying (and failing) to increase membership through search, the content is finally pulling guys in, and entertaining the members. It would have taken me months to learn how to run a blog effectively without his help.”
– PornBuddy (

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