Taking on some new clients!

This job is pretty interesting, and not just because of the amazing guys I have the opportunity to write about; you never know what’s coming up around the corner, it’s exciting.

Some people don’t like the insecurity of being your own boss and bringing in your own clients, but I actually enjoy it. It’s not that difficult really, just a couple of emails back and forth to work things out and soon I’m starting a new project with a new client.

Some days you find yourself working twice as hard as others, occasionally you have a day where there’s little to do.

Right now I find myself with some extra time in my working day, and I would really like to fill it with something new.

If you’d like someone to write content for you, you’ll be in good company choosing me. I have several clients I’ve worked with for more than five years, three I’ve consistently worked with for about two years, and several new arrivals, too.

For the past eight years I’ve been working with customers in the affiliate blogging business, numerous gay adult studios, adult toy retailers and content management companies, helping them to create consistent and compelling text to draw people in and encourage them to engage.

If this sounds like something you would benefit from, I hope you’ll visit the contact page and let me know!

Untitled – But You Should Read It Anyway

As the bashful sun peeks from the behind the wispy edge of a skulking rain cloud, I peer out through my rain-speckled window to watch a tear-drop of water drip from an outstretched leaf.

I hear the sound of my partner call from the kitchen, his deep voice cutting through the spring air filling the house as he enters from the garden, offering a coffee, and I snap out of my daydream. I reply appreciatively before tapping at my keyboard to check for new mail.

I have several urgent messages from rich widows and the representatives of recently deceased Nigerian banking officials, but there’s another, and it’s from… you.

Yes you!

You’re in need of someone to write content for you, and I’m in need of someone to join my current client list and finally fill my working day with lovely words – lovely words pouring from my fingers like the sun now pours through my window and bathes my desk. Delicious sentences more compelling than the aroma of fresh coffee now flooding through the house.

So what are you waiting for, the rain to stop?


Sponsors – The Black List

As you may expect, there are a few sites out there on the internet that I simply cannot work with. Thankfully, they are a very small minority.

These include sites promoting content that I personally am not comfortable working with. They predominantly involve very extreme content, or use younger performers and intentionally give the impression through site design and text of being “under age”.

Everyone has their limits, right?

But along with those I cannot work with due to the nature of their fetish, niche or models, there are also some that I find it impossible to work with due to the limits of their promotional content.

If a client requests a post of the latest content from a specific site every Mon, Wed and Fri, that’s great – when the content can be gathered from the affiliate area for that site. But there are some who do not provide the content easily and effectively, and therefore it can then take me an hour or more to try to track down the media from other sources.

As you can surely understand, I cannot justify charging less than $6 per post when I have to spend an hour or more gathering the media to use.

Therefore, starting at the beginning of April 2012, I will be creating a “Black List” of sponsors that I cannot create content posts for. These will be a mixture of extreme content that I do not feel comfortable working with, and sponsors who I feel cannot provide the content I will need to effectively create posts to promote them.

Thankfully, the list will be short. It will be published on a page on the Gay Content Writer site next month and sent out to all clients listed in the email newsletter.

Sponsors who find themselves on my little list can request removal of course. But this will only be done when I am assured that I have appropriate promotional materials to work with.

GCW Teams Up With AmAd Media

Gay Content Writer is proud to announce that one of our favorite clients is promoting our service to their affiliates!

GCW began working with AmAd Media Distribution earlier in 2011, providing written content designed to inspire and titillate. It’s been a great experience and our friendship has only strengthened this year with the decision by Nate of AmAd to promote the GCW service directly to their affiliates.

Through this partnership, those who promote the range of AmAd Media Distribution products will be encouraged to come to GCW for the rewriting of their affiliate content, increasing their originality, improving their SEO, driving click-through and increasing sales – and all at our extremely low rates.

We’re looking forward to working with their affiliates to provide them with original hand-written text, increasing their success over the years to come!

Of course, GCW would recommend AmAd Media Distribution and their range of sites found on the AmAdBucks affiliate pages for all those looking for some great sites to promote! Check them out and start earning some money promoting their hot content!

Plagiarism and the use of Copyscape

Plagiarism is a considerable problem on the internet. It goes without saying that thousands of affiliates are known to copy/paste the content from other sites without considering how it could harm them (as well as the source of the content). Many large adult sites neglect this when sending out their affiliate content to their team and rarely check to see whether any of their affiliates are copying their scene descriptions for promoting their products.

I understand that it can be worrisome for a webmaster when requesting the services of a writer too. There are a lot of unscrupulous people out there, and often the cheaper writers simply run an existing piece through a text masher and hope that’s enough.

All written content provided by Gay Content Writer is created directly upon ordering from source media and information gathered through research. Nothing is copied. As an added protection, all content above 300 words is passed through Copyscape Premium to ensure that there are no similar articles already in existence.

GCW takes originality extremely seriously. Customers can be assured that all content is written as requested, and when above 300 words is checked for accidental similarities too.

Gay Content Writer Newsletter – 6th Jan 2012

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Jan 6th 2012

Plagiarism and Copyscape

GCW is, of course, dedicated to ensuring that the text provided to clients is unique. All content is written from source media and research upon order, no matter how many times that scene or site has been reviewed previously. Check out how GayContentWriter ensures peace of mind when it comes to duplicate content.

Read the post on GCW…

AmadBucks Chooses GCW!

AmadBucksI’m very pleased to announce that 2012 is kicking off in style with the developing partnership between AmadBucks (operators of Sebastians Studios) and Gay Content Writer. GCW has been working with Nate of AmadBucks for several months, and our relationship is set to continue with increased mutual promotion.

AmadBucks recognizes that the use of original written content for their affiliate media is vital to growth and sales, and through this partnership Amad will be recommending the services of GCW to their many affiliates.

Keep an eye on your inbox for more info on this in the coming weeks!

The GCW stance on .XXX

Do Not Want .xxxYou’ll have to excuse my use of a LOLcat, I’m feeling nostalgic today.

Gay Content Writer has joined the boycott of .XXX in 2012 in an effort to support the continued freedom and diversity of the internet. I view the creation of .XXX as anathema when it comes to diversity and equality online, and that the use or support of the .XXX TLD is a danger to the adult entertainment industry.

The community on GayDemon (the leading forum for everything gay-webmastery) is almost wholly against the .XXX con too, and there are expected to be some interesting movements in our neck of the woods (no cruising jokes please!) in the coming weeks.

Read the full GCW statement on .XXX here.



Client Testimonials


PayPal Issues

It has become apparent to me that PayPal has been experiencing some “technical difficulties” recently. Several times invoices have been delayed due to errors. I am currently looking into this with PayPal and hope to have this resolved ASAP. My sincere apologies to any clients who may have been inconvenienced by this.

What Christmas slowdown?

I think many of us were expecting a little slow period over the Christmas and New Year holiday. I was actually looking forward to the break! While traffic and affiliate sales may have been a little sporadic, I was lucky enough to welcome three new clients for my services over the holiday. Welcome aboard guys (you know who you are!)

New to GCW?

Some of our readers might be entirely new to Gay Content Writer and perhaps have signed up to the Newsletter to gain some insight. If you are one of my welcomed guests and not yet a client, why not check out what i can do for you?

My featured sponsors

We’re always on the lookout for new content to promote, right? This is where I tell you who my favorite sponsors are, check them out and get earning!

BuddyProfits IntenseCash ZBuckZ

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.XXX Boycott

Gay Content Writer would like to make it clear that content will not knowingly be provided to clients using such content on a .XXX domain. We are joining an increasing number of webmasters in the adult industry and supporting the boycott against the further development of .XXX

While content is able to be used by our clients in any way they wish, GCW reserves the right to refuse to provide services to, or to end any relationships with, clients who support the implementation and use of .XXX

It has become clear in recent months that the implementation of .XXX is harmful to legitimate adult business, damaging to internet freedom, dangerous for the continued future of our industry and open to abuse and blackmail by unscrupulous individuals.

GCW wholly refuses to accept the implementation of .XXX and will not support it or other companies willingly submitting to, or participating in, the corruption, blackmail and censorship that arises from its creation.

If you intend to request that GCW produce content for you to use on a .XXX domain, please seek assistance from another writer.

If you would like further information relating to our stance on this issue, please send a message through the contact page.