Affiliate Blogging Service – Daily Posts Making You Money

All successful adult affiliates face numerous challenges, but one of the most frustrating is not having the time to update all our properties as regularly as we’d like. Most of us have 5 or more blogs we should be adding fresh content to on a daily basis, but it’s easy to be distracted by a shiny new project. This is exactly why affiliates hire me to continue their blogging for them, reliably, consistently, and affordably!


Getting started is easy. We’ll start with an email discussion about what your goals are, your desired posting schedule (once a week, once a day, several across various blogs), the content you wish to promote and technical details such as word count, any SEO methods you’d like to use, image sizes and so on. Once we have these things confirmed I only need account information to access the blog and start posting to your agreed schedule.


While everything is flexible and tailored to your needs, there are certain processes and formats that I believe can help you to achieve better results. This isn’t a necessity, of course, but below you can see an example of the methods I’ve successfully used to generate good sales.

Graphic showing the anatomy of a blog post


So, your amazing new post about that great new scene has been published, now what? Depending on the content, I can share it with followers on several social media accounts, one with more than 40,000 followers.

Social media account growth over one month
Tumblr following for one account over one month

When future relevant content is published, either from the same source or featuring a similar style or the same performer, I can link back to the post to encourage greater engagement and a higher chance of sales.

To increase internal linking previous posts can also be updated to encourage visitors to check future content related to the same performer, or the same site. This can also encourage search engines to improve the position of a post in search results.


It costs less than you probably think. In most cases, as soon as you’ve made one sale using the post I’ve written you’re already back in profit. While some specialist posts may be charged at a higher rate, the majority of my writing is for smaller affiliate bloggers who aim to make a couple of recurring sales from each post and don’t have a generous budget to work with.


Get in touch straight away and we’ll discuss your needs. All it takes is a couple of emails to get everything organized and I can be blogging for you the same day.


Taking on some new clients!

This job is pretty interesting, and not just because of the amazing guys I have the opportunity to write about; you never know what’s coming up around the corner, it’s exciting.

Some people don’t like the insecurity of being your own boss and bringing in your own clients, but I actually enjoy it. It’s not that difficult really, just a couple of emails back and forth to work things out and soon I’m starting a new project with a new client.

Some days you find yourself working twice as hard as others, occasionally you have a day where there’s little to do.

Right now I find myself with some extra time in my working day, and I would really like to fill it with something new.

If you’d like someone to write content for you, you’ll be in good company choosing me. I have several clients I’ve worked with for more than five years, three I’ve consistently worked with for about two years, and several new arrivals, too.

For the past eight years I’ve been working with customers in the affiliate blogging business, numerous gay adult studios, adult toy retailers and content management companies, helping them to create consistent and compelling text to draw people in and encourage them to engage.

If this sounds like something you would benefit from, I hope you’ll visit the contact page and let me know!

Blog resuscitation – why you shouldn’t forget those old sites

A couple of weeks ago I found an unexpected payment in my bank account. It was a pretty big one too, totally unexpected and more than a little baffling.

The details didn’t seem to make much sense to me and for a few hours I thought perhaps someone had made a mistake.

Even though I was just about ready to snatch it and buy something sparkly before the bank called to tell me there had been some terrible error, I refrained, and started to look into whether it was a genuine payment.

With a little amateur sleuthing I discovered that it came from an affiliate program for a small group of sites I had completely forgotten about.

I’d been promoting these sites on two blogs, very briefly, which I’d started a couple of years ago with good intentions, promising myself that this time I would develop these great sites into something spectacular.

You know how it goes, you have an idea and you buy a new domain, set up a site and spend a week or two dedicated to it. Then something else takes over and before you know it that new project becomes a distant memory that you keep meaning to get back to.

Eventually, after months or perhaps years, you remember it exists and discover it was hacked a year before, or you didn’t pay a bill and it’s now gone completely, or there’s some error you have no clue how to fix so you just choose to procrastinate some more and distract yourself with something else.

Well, after discovering this payment and seeing the sales, I realized that these two old blogs I’d forgotten about had suddenly started making money. I don’t know what caused it, but perhaps a competing blog had shut down somewhere and left mine as the best result for Google to offer, or maybe a fan had found the posts and started sharing them.

Without delving deeper into the cause I got right back into posting on both blogs, and since then the sales have continued.

Having been in this business for a few years now I know how common it is for an affiliate to have a few dead blogs laying around out there. Most of the time they’re abandoned because time is far too precious, something more profitable interrupts our momentary grand plan to develop the next big blog.

I’ve been in this position several times. Being entirely responsible for our own income we have to go where the money is. If something comes up to offer us an opportunity to earn we drop whatever side project we were working on and dive right in. Over time, these forgotten projects stack up. Many of us abandon them completely later, giving up domains, selling projects on, or just letting them expire.

After my experience over the past month I would urge you to look back through your sales, check the sources of those sales, and browse through the list of old sites you’ve forgotten you own. You might be surprised to see that one or two of them have been making you money without you realizing it.

What would happen if you jumped back in there and gave those old sites a swift kick up the butt with some fresh content?

Don’t have the time to keep those old blogs going? Send me an email, I might be able to kick that blog back to life and start making you some good extra income while you get on with your next project.

Limited run scene descriptions for the biggest sites

Do you promote EnglishLads, BelAmi or WilliamHiggins videos on your blogs?

For several months I’ve been receiving inquiries from affiliates regarding affordable scene descriptions for some of the largest and most profitable gay adult sites. These affiliates often don’t have the time to write unique content themselves, but they also prefer not to commit to purchasing unique content services for every update on their blogs, or require content only for a specific site as a focus for their blog.

After some consideration, I have decided to offer limited-run content for videos from the sites listed above. It’s a form of compromise for those customers seeking post content with more depth than the sponsors provide, while not requiring my services for every post they publish.

Ultimately, it’s a win/win. I get a good price for a thorough piece of writing, while the affiliate gets a better shot at competing with other affiliates for a lower price than they would if it were entirely unique to their blog.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say a new video arrives on the WilliamHiggins website. As a member there I can log-in immediately and write a comprehensive review of the scene, an affiliate blog post of 300 words (widely accepted to be the minimum word-count required for good Google search traffic) that is totally original and unique. This might include a mention of what a featured performer has done before (a great reason to link back to a previous post on your blog) or news about a model which might not be common knowledge, such as other names they’ve been known by or work they’ve done for another studio.

Ultimately, this will be a high-quality post about the scene, with as much information about the video and the performers as possible, while being entertaining and informative.

As a WilliamHiggins affiliate signed up to my services, you will receive one copy of the full post by email on the day. There will only be 10 copies of this post available for my clients to buy. You might be the only one using it, in which case you just got a great deal on a low-cost, totally original post just for your blog.

Now, you might be thinking “What about Google and original content?”

While it’s true that Google does appreciate totally original content, and nothing can beat it, if you’re already pasting-in duplicate content which has already been published by a hundred other affiliates, or only writing a very short post with little compelling information, you’re still going to be better off paying for one of only 10 copies of the text I produce.

Wouldn’t it be better to be competing with only a maximum of 9 other affiliates for that post, rather than a hundred or more?

Each of these posts will be written on the day of publication (or earlier when in partnership with the sponsor), then emailed to each buyer for publication by them as and when they wish.

Now you might be thinking “What stops you from selling the same text to 50 other affiliates?”

You’re right to ask that, but I should point out that I have been in business as a writer for almost 8 years, I have a long list of clients I have worked with throughout that time, including some of the most renowned affiliates in the gay adult world and some of the biggest producers of adult content.

I have a reputation to uphold, standards to maintain and trust to safeguard.

Interested? Drop me a line – conran (at) – and we can discuss the details.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Tumblr Posting for traffic and audience engagement

I was a little late to the party, I admit. Social media was never really my thing when it came to adult business and the work I do for clients, but over the last six months I’ve been painstakingly researching the best tools and methods for audience engagement and click-through and I’ve done a pretty good job with one platform in particular – Tumblr.

I’ve had a couple of personal accounts on there for a while, sitting there rumbling along and not really doing much. This all changed in the last month when I logged in and went a little crazy scheduling posts with unique content.

Suddenly I saw my followers climbing at a rather immense rate, interaction with viewers increasing impressively, click-through to the relevant blog sky-rocketing (and their subscription to the newsletter there increasing too)

growing tubmlr followers

As you can see, in less than a month I have gained over 2,000 followers on this particular account.

This was achieved through the writing of original content, providing a link to my Tumblr (without being too spammy) and the use of appropriate tags.

If I can achieve this for my own Tumblr blog, I’m pretty sure I can achieve this for my clients too.

Whether you’re an existing client or just starting out as an affiliate on Tumblr, I hope you’ll get in touch and investigate this avenue with me further. It’s an exciting opportunity to reach many more people, get your brand in front of the right eyes and encourage click-through to your primary sites.

Feel free to contact me either through the blog or by emailing conran (at) gaycontentwriter (dot) com. I look forward to exploring this with you.

A lesson in picking your sponsors wisely

We all know that porn has had something of an image problem from day one. Since the creation of the Internet the adult entertainment industry has been dogged by unscrupulous studios, fly-by-night sites active one moment and gone the next, sponsors leaking traffic you’ve sent them to another site of theirs, or simply payments not being made to those who have worked hard to earn that money.

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Untitled – But You Should Read It Anyway

As the bashful sun peeks from the behind the wispy edge of a skulking rain cloud, I peer out through my rain-speckled window to watch a tear-drop of water drip from an outstretched leaf.

I hear the sound of my partner call from the kitchen, his deep voice cutting through the spring air filling the house as he enters from the garden, offering a coffee, and I snap out of my daydream. I reply appreciatively before tapping at my keyboard to check for new mail.

I have several urgent messages from rich widows and the representatives of recently deceased Nigerian banking officials, but there’s another, and it’s from… you.

Yes you!

You’re in need of someone to write content for you, and I’m in need of someone to join my current client list and finally fill my working day with lovely words – lovely words pouring from my fingers like the sun now pours through my window and bathes my desk. Delicious sentences more compelling than the aroma of fresh coffee now flooding through the house.

So what are you waiting for, the rain to stop?


How To Avoid Being Ripped Off

I had an email from a potential client yesterday advising me that they had chosen to work with another supplier for a considerable task. This was perfectly fine – I confess that my response to their initial inquiry was slightly delayed and they needed the work done quickly.

Having checked out the work supplied by the unmentioned company and now published on the client site, it seems that the vast majority of it is stolen copy/paste.

My potential client chose a seemingly professional company, and in return for their money they received copied content from blogs, forums, news sites and even their direct competitors!

I thought it wise to suggest here – for any existing and potential clients of GCW – some ways in which you can check the integrity of any text you purchase.

I personally type all of the work that I provide. I use source material and research scenes and subjects wherever possible, and I type my own text for my clients – with a focus on SEO and the subjects or performers I believe will provide organic traffic for their site.

When a client requests a considerable piece of text (site review, performer profile, article etc) I check this through Copyscape Premium to ensure that there are no risks of accidental duplication.

Copyscape is an online resource able to be used by anyone. You can check any text you wish through this service to see if it has appeared anywhere else, and the level at which it is similar.

Another method is to select random lines of the text you have received and run them through a Google search with quotation marks. This searching method will provide examples of where Google has found that exact line on other sites.

Both of these methods are a great way to see where your content is. You can use it to check the integrity of text that you have paid for, check for accidental similarity, or even see if anyone else has stolen text from your site too.


When purchasing text from a provider for the first time, I would suggest requesting one small piece first (without telling them why). Wait for a week, and then run the above checks to see if this work has been taken from another source or supplied to more than one client of that company.

Sponsors – The Black List

As you may expect, there are a few sites out there on the internet that I simply cannot work with. Thankfully, they are a very small minority.

These include sites promoting content that I personally am not comfortable working with. They predominantly involve very extreme content, or use younger performers and intentionally give the impression through site design and text of being “under age”.

Everyone has their limits, right?

But along with those I cannot work with due to the nature of their fetish, niche or models, there are also some that I find it impossible to work with due to the limits of their promotional content.

If a client requests a post of the latest content from a specific site every Mon, Wed and Fri, that’s great – when the content can be gathered from the affiliate area for that site. But there are some who do not provide the content easily and effectively, and therefore it can then take me an hour or more to try to track down the media from other sources.

As you can surely understand, I cannot justify charging less than $6 per post when I have to spend an hour or more gathering the media to use.

Therefore, starting at the beginning of April 2012, I will be creating a “Black List” of sponsors that I cannot create content posts for. These will be a mixture of extreme content that I do not feel comfortable working with, and sponsors who I feel cannot provide the content I will need to effectively create posts to promote them.

Thankfully, the list will be short. It will be published on a page on the Gay Content Writer site next month and sent out to all clients listed in the email newsletter.

Sponsors who find themselves on my little list can request removal of course. But this will only be done when I am assured that I have appropriate promotional materials to work with.

GCW Teams Up With AmAd Media

Gay Content Writer is proud to announce that one of our favorite clients is promoting our service to their affiliates!

GCW began working with AmAd Media Distribution earlier in 2011, providing written content designed to inspire and titillate. It’s been a great experience and our friendship has only strengthened this year with the decision by Nate of AmAd to promote the GCW service directly to their affiliates.

Through this partnership, those who promote the range of AmAd Media Distribution products will be encouraged to come to GCW for the rewriting of their affiliate content, increasing their originality, improving their SEO, driving click-through and increasing sales – and all at our extremely low rates.

We’re looking forward to working with their affiliates to provide them with original hand-written text, increasing their success over the years to come!

Of course, GCW would recommend AmAd Media Distribution and their range of sites found on the AmAdBucks affiliate pages for all those looking for some great sites to promote! Check them out and start earning some money promoting their hot content!