About Me

Hello. My name is Conran Thomas, I’m a writer.

In my fantasies, I’m a romantic and thoughtful man sitting on a quiet hilltop scribbling precious notes in a leather-bound book, pondering the adventure of writing my novel.

In reality, I’m sitting in my messy office, at a desk too crowded with junk I don’t use and notes I’ll probably never read before throwing them out, twitching with caffeine and wondering if there’s a clever way to end this sentence.

There isn’t.

I write for a living. I’ve done this since leaving the private security business in 2010.

Over the last 6 years, I’ve worked for affiliate bloggers, retailers, adult studios, performers and more to create totally original content for their websites.

Sometimes it’s a short video description, other times it’s a 1000-word blog post driving buyers to a new product.

I’ve worked for adult studios and sites including Stunner Media, Staxus, DoggyBoys, Joshua Armstrong, and more.

Everything I write is original.

I love my job, even if I do sometimes complain about how hard it can be (don’t we all?)

If you need someone to write for you, I hope you’ll consider sending me a message. I’m always interested in taking on new projects.

Thanks for visiting.